Neal and Amer met during their time working at the Centre for Social Innovation in New York City. Since then, they’ve traveled around the globe, journeyed to festivals and states across the U.S., and worked together on events like the Marketplace of the Future, which was the official closing night event of Climate Week in 2021, the Harlem Arts Festival, and more.


Now they’ve decided to come together to create a new space for conversation.

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What will the world look like once we've "solved" climate change? How will a 1.5 aligned world actually feel? And what are the indicators of that future expressing itself right now in the present? These are the questions that guide Amer's life and work.

Amer is an adjunct professor of Social Entrepreneurship at John Jay College in Manhattan, he is the founder of Future Meets Present, an environmental design studio dedicated to envisioning a healed world on the "other side" of climate change, and runs the annual closing ceremony for Climate Week NYC called the Marketplace of the Future.

Follow him on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, or on his Website.

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Neal Ludevig is a producer, artist, writer, activist and entrepreneur focused on challenging dominant systems in today’s world through storytelling. Currently the Chief Creative Officer and a founder at Snarky Elephant Productions, Neal is writer and producer for film and TV, most recently of the acclaimed mini-series “Insomnia” on the Revry network, and the feature films in development Rangoli and Monsoon, films addressing the intersections of identity, race, the artist experience, conservative values in a modernizing world, relationships, and jazz.


Neal also has a deep passion for creating community and bringing ideas to life. He is the founder of Moon31, a creative media agency, helped launch Enlightened Snacks, a national CPG company that redefined the ice cream aisle, the Executive Producer for the Revive Big Band’s debut album, an Experience Board Member at Selina, and a member of Oceanic Global’s NYC Hub. Neal also curates an ongoing jam session called The Astor Party, and hosts FED Sessions, a dinner series where thought leaders and invitees "make bread and break bread" together. 


His work has been covered (inter)nationally in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, CBS, ABC, Time Out, and Elle,, and many more. Named an Emerging Leader by the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP), Neal also received a Congressional Proclamation from NYS for his work starting the non-profit Harlem Arts Festival.

Follow him on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, or on his Website.